lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

48 Art hours for Peace and Diversity

Music, theater, poetry, painting, sculpture, photography, literature... artist and friends for all around the world and.,. YOU will join to say YES for the world Peace and Cultural Diversity.

January 15 and 16, at the virtual island we have specially created for this event at Second Life, will cellebrate our cultures, art, nature peace and Diversity.

Some of the artist will live perform are:
Macu, DRAIKO Keng, Richard Sawyer, SEBA SIDEWAYS, Lawanda Andel, Naztar Edwardstone, MIMM XUE, Nazirah Avro, eumir Seda, SamySai, Menzo Twine, Bubbac John, Artneida, Karma Aue, ARIMO TEIXEIRA,Truelie Telling, JANO RUNO, KB McAuley, iPrince paner, LoveSongs Writer, Luisillo Contepomi, Haruno Watanabe , HORACIOS ALLEN, OneSummer Oh, Azul Charisma, Horus Cedrus, Precise Frimon, SAMANTHY Shippe y Saitek Trang, Peterpunk Qork y muchos más!

And also, DJs in several styles from USA,France, Italy, Brasil, Portugal, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and Canada... poets, actors, visual artists, writers and Friends from all around the world.
More information at:

This event will be broadcast by the following radio stations: Argentina Online, Colombiamor Stereo, SecondLife Radio (live broadcast all 48 hours). Other radio stations (prime time broadcast) UniHispana Radio and Second Radio.

If you are interested in take our streaming signal, plese send an email to

If you are interested to cover the even in-world, please reffer to

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